Smite: Camazotz overview

What I think of Camazotz

In patch 3.19 a new god was released, Camazotz. Camazotz is a melee assassin with high damage and high sustain. His abilities have their own lifesteal (they aren’t affected by lifesteal items). Camazotz’s flaws are his low mobility and his still lifesteal.

camazotz picture

Changes I would like for Camazotz


His first ability, Screech is Camazotz lane clearing ability. It draws from the animal bat’s echolocation. It is a straight 70 range. Goes through minions and stops at gods. Has a buff to Camazotz if it hits a god.

I like this move, it is one of my favorite moves on Camazotz. However, I want some things changed. The buff is nice but I would rather have something else in this ability. I’d like for this ability to bounce off walls and for the echo’s  to deal damage. It could still go through minions, but also bounce off walls. It would allow him to clear buff camps faster and be more in tune with his bat-ishness.

Vampire Bats:

Camazotz second ability, Vampire Bats sends out a swarm of bats that deals a dot. When you hit a buff monster (only the big ones that drop the buff) it gives you extra lifesteal, stack three times each increasing your lifesteal. Slows by thirty percent. After a duration the bats come back and heal you. Line ability with a range of 55.

I like the uniqueness of the stacking the passive to increase your lifesteal in this ability. But I still would like to change a bit. If the target is at under thirty percent health, the bats stay on longer, smelling the god’s blood.


Devour, Camazotz third ability, is a short leap that deals damage on impact and heals you.

I’m pretty fine with this ability actually, the range could be longer, but that’s not too much of a problem. It makes it harder for newer players to escape with Camazotz. It also probably should have a shorter travel time, but that is fine.

Bat out of hell:

Camazotz ultimate is a mix of an escape, a team-fight ability, and a chase. He jumps high in the sky for three seconds and can swoop down on enemies, dealing damage. 35 range.

I’m fine with this ability itself, I just want to change a few things about it. The range should be longer, you should be able to stay in the air longer, more swoops. He could have 1 second to do one swoop so if he doesn’t swoop, he land. If he does, he keeps going. That’s about it for the ultimate changes.

Camazotz’s difficulty

Camazotz is a complicated god who I wouldn’t recommend for those just starting out in Smite. In the right hands, he is absolutely devastating for the enemy team. He excels at taking down opponents no matter where they are: In the tower? Death by ultimate. No one is out of position and all grouped up? Ultimate deals higher damage to groups. I personally like Camazotz and want to play him more.

Builds for Camazotz:

Typically you want to build defense on the deadly god of bats, because his abilities don’t have good scaling. His damage comes from his base damage numbers.

Scaling: scaling is how much more damage your abilities do with power, scaling is with percentage. 80% scaling on an ability makes it so your ability deals 80% of your physical/magical power extra.

Defense build

1: warrior tabi, 2: defense item (with cooldown preferable) can also get jotunns for an aggressive start. 3: jotunns or more defense (after this you want to build at least a little offense is you haven’t already). 4: jotunns, titans, or more defense. 5: cooldown preferably with defense. 6: usually finish with titans bane but more cooldown couldn’t hurt.


What I usually build is: warrior tabi, breastplate or genji’s guard. If I’m doing well I get jotunns and next and if I’m doing ok I get shifters and if I’m doing bad I get void shield, I get jotunns if I’m doing OK or worse now. Than I get shifters or another defense. Next is defense, last is usually titans.

So this is how it will look if I’m doing well: 1st: warrior 2nd: breastplate 3rd: jotunns 4th: shifters 5th: void 6th: titans or maybe bloodforge if I’m feeling like not giving the enemy any chance of killing me.

My Camazotz build