Smite: Cernunnos overview

Smite: Cernunnos Overview

Cernunnos is the second god introduced from the new Celtic pantheon. The other god was The Morrigan. Cernunnis is a hunter, so he deals physical damage. The new god is basic attack based, judging from his abilities.

Cernunnos’s Abilities:

Passive Ability: Heavy Glaive

Cernunnos’s passive affects his basic attacks/auto attacks, much like his first ability, Shifter of Seasons. But his passive: Heavy Glaive increases Cernunnos’s auto attack damage, but only from a melee range. A range of 12. The passive increases the damage by 25% of his normal basic attack damage.

First Ability: Shifter of Seasons

Cernunnos’s one is an ability that works like a stance shift for his basic attacks. It has four stances, which are based off of the four seasons. Each one has gives Cernunnos’s auto attacks different effects. The first one: Spring Growth gives his basic attacks physical lifesteal. The second: Summer Heat gives Cernunnos’s basic attacks extra damage. The third part: Autumn Decay, puts a debuff of decreased physical protections onto the enemy it hits. And the final time you use Cernunnos’s first ability you get is Winter Chill. It slows the enemy it hits for one second.

Second Ability: Bramble Blast

Bramble Blast, Curnunnos’s second ability is a projectile where it detonates an AOE of brambles which damage the other team. The brambles stay on the map for a good five seconds. This ability works like Sol’s Stellar Burst, it explodes either when it reaches maximum range or when it hits an enemy, even minions. But Cernunnos’s Bramble Blast doesn’t slow, but it does root enemies if it hits them. This is a good ability and can deal massive amounts of damage to single targets, while also being Cernunnos’s wave clearing ability.

Third Ability: Horn Charge

Cernunnos’s third ability, Horn Charge, is his dash. It gives him some mobility. This dash, like Susano’s third part of Storm Kata, it damages as he dashes. The ability Horn Charge can be used as an escape and an initiator. But Bramble Blast is better used for the initiating because of it’s root.

Cernunnos’s Ultimate Ability: The Wild Hunt

Cernunnos has a pretty cool ultimate ability, The Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt is aptly named because it turns the enemies in the radius of thirty into pigs. The enemies who have been turned cannot use their abilities.

How to build Cernunnos:

You can tell by Cernunnos’s abilities and his passive that he is a very auto attack centered God, like a lot of hunters. Because of this, his build should consist of items that increase basic attack damage, or have other effects triggered by auto attacks. Items that would work when you build it on the god are: critical strike chance items like Wind Demon and Deathbringer, and your regular hunter items such as Executioner and Qin Sais. But I wouldn’t get Odysseus’s Bow because that item is normally used by hunters who don’t have much clear, like Jing Wei, but Cernunnos has his clear, which is his Bramble Blast.

How to play Cernunnos:

Cernunnos is a hunter, and therefore a god who can dish out a lot of damage. When in lane, poke at the guardian with your basic attacks, but keep an eye on the other ADC. If they go even a little bit more forwards attack them. To attack, Cernunnos should use Bramble Blast to initiate, and basic attack the enemy to death. If your team is in a pickle, use your ultimate to make the other team unable to attack.