Smite: How to play assassins in Joust

Assassins in Joust

In Joust I like to play assassins sometimes, even though they are one of the less played gods in the gamemode. But why are they? I think it is because they are a melee damaging class. And since Joust revolves around ranged characters, it requires you to be super aggressive and get up in the enemy’s faces if you want to get kills and make a positive impact on your game.

Why assassins aren’t picked in Joust? They are not picked because Joust is centered around ranged classes like hunters and mages, the melee classes can’t get in close to do reliable damage without being killed by the ranged hunters and mages. That makes it so the melee classes are used as meat shields (warriors and guardians) to block damage that would hit the ranged damage dealers.

Does this make assassins unpickable in Joust? No. Assassins just have a harder time than the other damaging classes because they have to get in close while avoiding the enemy hunter and mage attacks. Unless they gank they have to deal with the enemy guardians crowd control before they can get close enough to deal damage.

Can assassins deal enough damage to have a positive impact in a game of Joust: Yes! If they get close they deal just as much if not more damage than the hunters and mages.

How to play assassins in Joust:

Assassin build
My assassin build
Auto attack based assassins:

Loki, Bakasura, Kali, Arachne, Awilix, Ne Zha

Items for auto attack based:

Qin sais, Hastened Fatalis, Deathbringer, Malice, Wind demon, Poison star, Asi, Frostbound Hammer

How to use AA based assassins

You use auto attack based assassins by getting in close and basic attacking until the enemy is dead. Because they have no AOE, they have to choose which targets to kill before they get to the enemy. They first attack the highest CC heavy god, because they can stop you quickest, then highest damage, then whoever is left.

Ability based assassins:

Susano, Camazotz, Thor, Thanatos, Baset, Nemesis

Items for ability based:

Jotunns wrath, Titans Bane, Brawlers Beat Stick, The Crusher, Transcendence

How to use ability based assassins

Ability based assassins are weird. They have to get in close because they are assassins, but they use abilities to attack. That allows them to have a more complex playstyle than the typical assassin.

Mixed assassins:

Rat, Hun Batz, Fenrir, Mercury, Serqet

Items for mixed:

You can use almost any blend of items from the AA based and ability based assassins and still do well with mixed. I call them “mixed assassins” because they are both auto attack based and ability based. One item that is awesome for mixed assassins is Hydra’s Lament because it buffs your next basic attack after an ability and mixed assassins are basic attack and ability based.

How to play mixed

Most of the time, if you are playing a mixed assassin for the first time, you should build them basic attack based. It is simpler and gives you time to learn their abilities without relying on them if you don’t fully understand it yet. They can also be deadly without mana, but still pack a punch with it. If you can, learn the god’s AA cancel’s to fully maximize their damage potential. It really helps in a long lasting fight.

Jungling in Joust:

Since the Joust jungle is so small, it is hard to jungle without being caught. If the enemy has bought wards then it’s even harder. You need to know when to go, and also the enemy relics cooldowns. I like to go through the jungle letting them see me, dashing to bull demon, and attacking them at their entrance. In the jungle there are: two mana camps and one bull demon, on the other side there is just a damage buff. If you kill the buff camps here are some general rules to follow: Mana buff priority is: Mage, Guardian and Warrior, Hunter and Assassin. So leave the mana camp for the mages unless the higher priority are dead and you are low on mana. For damage buff the priority is: Hunter, Assassin and Mage, Warrior, Guardian. Make sure that the hunter knows that the damage buff is theirs when you kill it unless you want it and they are doing fine without it.

Tip: Buy sentry wards around midgame to lategame so you can destroy enemy wards, wasting their money and allowing for more ganks.

Ganking route